About Us

ATC Auctions and Asset Disposal provide comprehensive valuations and disposal of a broad range of assets for many of the UK’s restructuring businesses, leasing companies, liquidators, investors, industrial clients and private individuals. We are experts in liquidations and clearance stock and are ready to dispose of products at the best value. We also have particular experience in the liquidation and disposal of websites and domain names, Ebay and Amazon shops and other “virtual” products.

Established in 2013, ATC Auctions and Asset Disposal is one of the leading Auction and Asset Disposal Companies throughout the UK. Our team possesses expertise and hands on professional experience which helps them to act swiftly for the valuation and disposal of assets yet are able to achieve maximum realizations.

ATC Auctions and Asset Disposal are a specialist disposal company selling all goods via established online sales platforms www.ibidder.com & www.bidspotter.co.uk. Over the years, we have a gained a reputation in the market for our high standards of business conduct. Our team strives for competitive excellence and to maintain a key relationship with all our clients.